Thursday, 23 October 2008

Is this thing on?


This is a blog about making things.

I find the transformation of idea into object uniquely satisfying, and oven the coming months I'll be sharing my projects with you as they bubble up in my fevered brain as ill-formed ideas, struggle and compete for the sunlight of my attention, and flower or wither by turns as may may be.

I expect to write about CAD (especially SolidWorks), CAM, CNC (especially Linux and EMC2), milling and machining, casting, composites, resins, elastomers, programming and electronics. It's my intention to share useful insights, techniques, and lessons in these areas as I learn them, and my hope to receive similar in return.

Some projects will be entirely for my personal amusement, while others may result in commercially exploitable products. I may be a little cagey about some of the latter.

I'm currently working on, amongst other things, a light weight high performance geodesic dome made from advanced fibre composites and metalised polymer film, a totally silent high performance PC, and a costume for next years Burning Man that includes a 3000 channel 1kHz LED PWM dimmer and 1000 lightguides cast in clear elastomer in the shape of feathers.

I hope that you get some part of the joy from reading about my projects that I get from working on them.

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