Tuesday, 3 March 2009

CyberAngel: v0.5 in the works

The full project as I outlined in my earlier post is massive. Even more massive that I had thought. Since I last posted I've been mostly working on the electronics, and I have pretty much finished the schematics, but it's clear that what with one thing and another I won't be done in time for this year's Burning Man festeval.

I've decided to postpone the LEDs and accelerometers version and do a half way version with EL wire and an off the shelf controller. I've ordered the Super CAT-09 10 channel sequencer and 300m of EL wire from the lovely people at Funhouse Productions, and these should arrive on Monday.

This means that I can put the accelerometers, the garage SMD soldering, the PCB layout, the PCB contract manufacture, the PCB isolation routing, the LED heatsinks, the 3000+ wires to solder by hand and the FPGA programming on ice until the autumn.

I just need to design and make a mold for the costume, and for the battery pack, encapsulate the battery cells, put the components into the molds, and injection mold elastomer over them. Before the 5th of April. While learning to drive and preparing to move from the UK to Switzerland. That's all. At least I'm between jobs at the moment. :-)

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